Andra Gauge™

Obtain the BEST Bite Registration

The Andra Gauge™ is a disposable bite registration device that allows the practitioner to easily control a patient's mandibular position in a relationship to the maxilla to accurately obtain the best bite registration. Any focus area of dentistry that obtains a bite registration relationship between the mandible and maxilla will benefit from the use of the Andra Gauge™.

The Andra Gauge™ is the only bite registration device that can hold the position of the mandible in relation to the maxilla in 3 dimensions. The ability to dial in and lock in place the anterior-posterior and vertical positions while providing a precise positioning of the sagittal movement makes it the ideal vehicle for capturing the best bite registration that is precise, accurate and reproducible.

Obtaining the best bite registration the first time is now simple, accurate and reproducible with the Andra Gauge™



3 Axies Of Movement

Protrusion Positioning

Many of the dental gauges on the market either work only in protrusion or the use of plastic shims or other such mechanical features are being used in the best attempt to hold a patient’s mandible position.  In some instances capturing techniques require the patient to hold  a fixed position while the bite reregistration material is injected into the patients mouth. When millimeters really mater these techniques do not offer meaning ful metrics.

The anterior/posterior (A/P) movement of the Andra Gauge is 7 millimeters anterior and 5 mm posterior from zero occlusion (definedas edge-to-edge). The Andra Gauge offers the ability to move in any increment and hold that position into place and is not set by predetermined locations.

Protrusion of the mandible has been the current practice for fitting oral appliances or orthodontics for at least a generation.  The 75% protrusion rule is used quite often as indicated by Walker-Engstrom (M-L et. al, 2003) and others as a means to set the mandible for OAT.  When a protrusion takes place, the mandible naturally wants to drop creating a vertical opening.  This vertical opening seems to get ignored in most applications.


Vertical Positioning

The vertical movement of the Andra GaugeTM is 2mm minimal with an additional 7mm of opening.  This of course is recording the vertical opening but represents the angular rotation of the temporal mandible joints.  Studies have shown that the vertical as well as the A/P are significant in tuning an oral appliance to treat sleep apnea. 

1Kyung, et al, 2004, stated in their conclusions that airway enlargement in the lateral dimension(this is vertical using their cepholometric coordinates) may play a role in the mechanism of the oral appliance in reducing Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).   This study was limited to only 2 set vertical positions. 

The Andra Gauge places the control in the doctor and allows the patent to communicate where a comfortable setting is. The doctor can then lock that position in to place and this relationships creates a reproducible setting.


Centric Occlusion Positioning

he sagittal adjustment of the Andra Gauge is 3 mm’s, right and left of center.  We have found that dentists prefer to begin with this adjustment as a starting point in positioning a patient’s mandible.  We have also found that this is emphasized very much by many of the dental labs we have worked with to help reduce error in the bite registration procedure.  The human body is more asymmetric as one looks at a patient at a macroscopic and smaller scale. Setting of the centric occlusion prior to setting other mandible metrics is performed with ease and critical to obtaining the best of bite registrations.

This additional metric allows for a comfortable Oral Appliance that is positioned to the patient’s anatomical bite.