Rob W. Veis, DDS

Rob W. Veis, DDS

There is nothing worse than receiving a $300.00 plus appliance from the lab only to spend an inordinate amount of time adjusting it because the bite is off.

A proper construction bite is crucial to getting an appliance that fits right. Now, at last, we have a tool that allows you to get an accurate construction bite every time.

The Andra Gauge™ is the best bite device on the market. Using it on every case where a proper bite is critical will save you time, money, and unneeded aggravation. The Andra Gauge™ promotes happy patients. I wholeheartedly recommend this product.

— Rob W. Veis, DDS
CEO Appliance Therapy Group
Dr. Veis is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, American Academy of Gnathologic Orthodontics, American Academy of Functional Orthodontics and Academy of Sports Dentistry.

Elliot J Alpher DMD

Elliot J Alpher, DMD

I fully endorse the Andra Gauge™ as a measurement instrument for obtaining exact titration in the fabrication of sleep appliances. Anterior-posterior as well as vertical settings can be verified by radiology, and the bite registered immediately, in three dimensions.

This technique also lends itself to setting vertical as well as lateral and anterior posterior positions in the fabrication of the many Neuromuscular appliances used in the Craniofacial aspect of my practice. Great instrument!

— Elliot J Alpher, DMD
Director. Metropolitan Area Craniofacial Pain Center.
Assoc. Professor Department of Surgery, Division of Otolaryngology; George Washington University Medical Center.
Assist Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Otolaryngology, Georgetown University Medical Center; Washington, D.C.

G. Dave Singh, PhD BDS

Dr Dave Singh DDSc PhD BDS

There are many techniques available to capture a clinical bite registration; whether it's for a sleep appliance, an orthodontic appliance or an athletic mouthguard. The advantages of the Andra Gauge™ is that, as well as being disposable, it's capable of six degrees of freedom in three dimensions of space for an optimized bite registration that can be consistently reproduced. The ease of use of the Andra Gauge™ makes it an ideal choice in many clinical situations, and I fully support its implementation in your practice.

— Dr Dave Singh DDSc PhD BDS
Inventor of the DNA applianceTM system

Jamison Spencer DMD

Jamison Spencer, DMD, MS

The Andra Gauge™ is unique in the dental sleep medicine market. It allows the dentist to easily and quickly find an initial mandibular position, with anterior/posterior, vertical and lateral adjustments. The Andra Gauge™ may be used to take a bite registration for any custom appliance and, slightly modified, may also be used to fit the Silent Sleep non-custom appliance.

— Jamison R. Spencer, DMD, MS,
Inventor of the Silent Sleep Appliance

John Tucker DMD

John Tucker, DMD

I am truly impressed with the capabilities of the Andra Gauge™! Having the ability to adjust vertical, lateral and AP settings makes this my "go to" registration device for oral appliance therapy. It is well needed in the armamentarium for anyone fabricating oral appliances for the treatment of OSA.

— John Tucker, DMD

Innovation Award Nomination